Total factor productivity

Cost curve

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Relationship between Total Factor Productivity and Economic Growth

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5 Factors That Affect Your Employee’s Productivity

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Quality and Total Productivity Management

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Until the end of (when the fixed-weight system was being used to measure GDP and productivity) it appeared that there was a major resurgence of productivity in the s: total factor productivity grew at a % per year rate while labor productivity grew at a % yearly rate.

Needed: A Theory of Total Factor Productivity* Edward C. Prescott Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota ABSTRACT This paper evaluates the argument that differences in physical and intangible capital can account for the large international income differences that characterize the world economy.

Productivity measures the efficiency of production in macroeconomics, and is typically expressed as a ratio of GDP to hours worked. Comprehensive database with annual data covering GDP, population, employment, hours, labor quality, capital services, labor productivity, and Total Factor Productivity for countries in the world.

A Quarterly, Utilization-Adjusted Series on Total Factor Productivity John Fernald* Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco AprilAbstract: This paper describes a real-time, quarterly growth-accounting database for the U.S.

business sector. The rates of growth of total factor input (TFI) and total factor productivity (TFP) are the “sources” of output growth only in a proximate sense. Despite their imperfections, these concepts remain a convenient category for study, provided that their limitations are recognized.

Total factor productivity
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Productivity: a key concept in Economics