Spatial data mining case studies

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Spatial data mining is the application of data mining to spatial models. In spatial data mining, analysts use geographical or spatial information to produce business intelligence or other results.

This requires specific techniques and resources to get the geographical data into relevant and useful formats. Data Analysis Australia is the leading strategic information consultancy in Australia.

What's Spatial About Spatial Data Mining: Three Case Studies

Our exceptional skills in mathematics, statistics and data management provide a strong background for work that is often used for strategic decision making purposes. Our reputation has been built on our ability to provide workable solutions to difficult. Spatial analysis confronts many fundamental issues in the definition of its objects of study, in the construction of the analytic operations to be used, in the use of computers for analysis, in the limitations and particularities of the analyses which are known, and in the presentation of analytic results.

Improvement of the Prediction of Drugs Demand Using Spatial terns, trends or rules that explain the behavior of the data in a given context, in this case the consumption of Salbutamol. The spatial data mining tools are used to generate the pre-dictive model.

In the field of medicine there are numerous. Spatial analysis or spatial statistics includes any of the formal techniques which study ethological studies of animal movement, landscape ecological studies of vegetation blocks, ecological studies of spatial population dynamics, and the Geographic Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Taylor and Francis.

O'Sullivan, D. and D.

Spatial analysis

Unwin. tal studies, spatial data mining algorithms are very important (see [KHA 96] for an overview of spatial data mining). In [LHO 93], attribute-oriented induction is performed by using (spatial) concept hi.

Spatial data mining case studies
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