Risc pipelining

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Reduced instruction set computer

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Classic RISC pipeline

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Instruction pipelining

is called pipelining, Risc pipelining it is exploited to great degree in nearly every aspect of modern computer design, from the processor core to the DRAM subsystem, to the overlapping of transactions on memory and I/O buses, etc. Although formerly a feature only of high-performance and RISC-based microprocessors, pipelining is now common in microprocessors used in personal computers.

Intel's Pentium chip, for example, uses pipelining to execute as many as six instructions simultaneously. RISC architectures lend themselves more towards pipelining than CISC architectures for many reasons. As RISC architectures have a smaller set of instructions than CISC architectures in a pipeline architecture the time required to fetch and decode for CISC architectures is unpredictable.

In the history of computer hardware, some early reduced instruction set computer central processing units (RISC CPUs) used a very similar architectural solution, now called a classic RISC pipeline.

Those CPUs were: MIPS, SPARC, Motorolaand later the notional CPU DLX invented for education. The term RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Architecture), used for the Berkeley research project, is the term under which this architecture became widely known and architecture based on exploitation of parallelism through pipelining.

RISC architecture has proven itself and several mainstream architectures today are of the RISC type. Those. Pipelining requires that the whole fetch to execute cycle can be split into stages where each stage does not interfere with the next and each instruction can be doing something at each stage.

RISC architectures because of their simplicity and small set of instructions are simple to split into stages.

Instruction pipelining Risc pipelining
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