Hr practices of bajaj auto

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Article: How does Bajaj Finance challenge status quo with its people practices

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India CSR Summit and Exhibition 2018, New Delhi - telecasted on CNN News 18 on 13th October 2018

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Srinivas Kantheti, with over 30 years of overall experience out of which 15 years are in the two wheeler industry.

Srini has headed the Auto Finance Business of Bajaj Auto, building successfully a portfolio of two and three wheeler loans.

Blog: The Snake and The Mongoose: The Real Story of Bajaj Auto Strike

Present in over 70 nations, Bajaj Auto is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the largest manufacturer of three-wheelers.

The Global Motorcycle Specialist With a footprint across the globe, Bajaj Motorcycles’ guiding philosophy combines. Jun 29,  · Labour Union Problems at Bajaj Automobile- Production STOPPED June 29, Spirit of HR (Dev) HR NEWS labour union, Strike, trade union The production for Pulsar, KTM Duke(both models), Avenger have stopped due to the labour union issues.

HR practices and preservation of Knowledge capital. Bajaj Auto.

Labour Union Problems at Bajaj Automobile- Production STOPPED

Other global automobile names like Telco, Mercedes Benz and Bajaj Tempo also have huge manufacturing facilities here. Apart from the auto giants, a large number of engineering, electronic and electrical industries have set up base in.

Read more about RBI for overhaul of banks' HR practices on Business Standard. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has called for a complete overhaul of human resource practices at banks, especially public sector ones where several staffers are due to retire in seven to eight years.

Hr practices of bajaj auto
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