Greek progression

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Greek Modes

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Greek Modes

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Contextual translation of "progression" into Greek. Human translations with examples: Εξέλιξη, Πρόοδος psa δ, βαθμιαία πρόοδος, ανάστροφη πρόοδος, Εξέλιξη της νόσου. Ancient Greek sculpture is commonly divided in the multiple phases of development; the three main stages are the archaic, classical and Hellenistic periods, but there is also an earlier stage in which the qualities that would come to define ancient Greek sculpture were already beginning to emerge.

Greek songs can be performed in a many ways: simple or abundant, which is what the Greek musicians themselves do, because every performer will give his own interpretation – Greek musicians enjoy improvising and they are great scales and rhythmic "vocabulary" is a musical treasury.

We already explained the utilization of Greek modes in the point of view of improvisation, but it would be interesting now to make an observation. If we wanted to make a solo in a song that is in C major tonality starting with the note G, we would use G Mixolydian scale (nothing new here).

Compare arithmetic progression, geometric progression, harmonic progression. Music. the manner in which chords or melodic tones follow one.

Greek songs can be performed in a many ways: simple or abundant, which is what the Greek musicians themselves do, because every performer will give his own interpretation – Greek musicians enjoy improvising and they are great scales and rhythmic "vocabulary" is a musical treasury.

Greek progression
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