France telecom suicides

30 workers in 2 years: Ex-Telecom execs face trial over wave of staff suicides

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Wave of staff suicides at France Telecom

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An estimate by US and UK researchers found a thesis in suicides was arrested among working age people from to in five of the 10 European nations thoughtful. After a seven-year inquiry into a wave of suicides at France Telecom, the Paris prosecutor has recommended former executives be put on trial for ‘workplace harassment’ and ‘destabilizing’ employees.

The 24 suicides among theFrance Telecom employees since February last year is high but less than the overall French average ( suicides a year for everypeople, compared to Officials speak of 19 deaths during the two years, 12 attempted suicides and eight other cases involving depression or related illnesses.

Were the job cuts to blame? Although the suicide rate at France Telecom was similar to the national average, many of those who died left notes blaming pressure from management.

Sarvshreshth Gupta worked as a tech/media/telecom analyst in Goldman's San Francisco office. He was from New Delhi, India. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

He previously did. Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News. This article was originally published in The Conversation. Read the original article. A Paris prosecutor recently called for the former CEO and six senior managers of telecoms provider, France.

France telecom suicides
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