Essendon drug scandal

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Mark Thompson released without charge following an investigation into alleged drug trafficking

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Whatever it Takes

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I horn getting blood orphaned on several occasions at the essay. The rookie versus the club in the Essendon supplement scandal. Former Essendon coach James Hird fronts the media with president Paul Little at the height of the Bombers drug saga. Pic: Michael Klein Source:News Corp Australia AN expletive-laden tape recording of a private Essendon management meeting over the supplements program reveals allegations the AFL recanted over punishments to.

It fuels a brutal AFL campaign to discredit and sanction Hird; a campaign that leaves the Essendon coach wounded but determined to expose the cant and deceit of the AFL. It clouds the judgment of Andrew Demetriou, who leaves the AFL midway through the drugs scandal, his legacy diminished. Essendon is family to David Evans but so is the AFL.

Essendon supplement scandal. The ASADA inquiry into Essendon's supplements program in became one of the sport's longest running sagas. has followed the story from its inception.

Liz Jackson, a giant of Four Corners and one of the best journalists of her generation, has died aged In her final program for Four Corners, Liz turned the camera on herself - not in strength.

Sep 07,  · Governance lessons from the Essendon drug scandal by Andrew Metcalfe chat_bubble_outline 0 comment(s) There’s no doubt that Essendon Football Club’s (EFC) Supplements Program of was a.

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