Describe your greatest academic challenge

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Tough Interview Question - What is your greatest accomplishment?

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How to Answer: Tell Me About a Challenge You Had to Overcome in the Workplace

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PhD Myth Busters: Making the Transition From Academia to Industry

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Choose the story that you think best represents why you would be a great fit for the position. This is a tough question because you’re forced to talk about a difficult time with a complete stranger. Fortunately, it’s also a great opportunity to turn a big challenge into a great accomplishment.

Self-dicipline was by far the biggest non-academic, non-financial challenge that I faced in college. Being essentially autonomous for the first time in my life, it was incredibly difficult to do things like get up for class at 8am in the morning, not play around online (in Telnet chat rooms) or play video games all night - simple things like that.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Similar interview questions: What is your proudest accomplishment? What is the biggest achievement in your life?

What is the single most important result in your life? At your retirement party, what will you look back on as being the most important project or deliverable of your career?

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Describe your greatest academic challenge
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Tough Interview Question: What is your greatest accomplishment?